Kid-Friendly recteq Favorites

Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, or just have little guest mouths to feed occasionally, it’s always helpful to have some kid-friendly meals in your recipe repertoire. We understand that sometimes finding dishes the kids love is a special kind of tricky. Getting them involved in the cooking process can definitely help pique their interest for trying new things. But sometimes, it’s easiest to stick with a safe stand-by, like a classic kid-friendly favorite. These recipes are perfect for serving to families with children, or even the adults in your life who still love kid-approved meals (and who doesn’t?). Ready to serve up some kid-friendly hits? Check out these classics that the whole family will enjoy!

Mac n' Cheese

It’s hard to get more kid-friendly than Southern Mac n' Cheese! Cheese plus noodles is always a formula for success and our recteq version is smoky perfection! With three different cheeses, Colden’s Freakin’ Greek Rub, and Ben’s Heffer Dust, you’ve never tasted Macaroni n' Cheese quite so delicious! Looking for a variation? Try Grandma’s Mac n' Cheese as a classic standby or dress it up for the adults in your life with Smoked Lobster Mac n' Cheese!

Pizza Perfection

We couldn’t celebrate kid favorites without turning the spotlight on Pizza. It’s such a classic, in fact, that we devoted an entire post to all the ways your recteq wood pellet grill makes it awesome! Of course, the very best way to make pizza is to grab our Bullseye Pizza Stone Kit, perfect for your Bullseye, Bullseye Deluxe, or Bullseye Deluxe Black Edition. You can use your recteq to cook pizza from frozen or from scratch, or let the kids make their own with a base of naan bread. If you want an easy lunch idea that the little ones will especially love, serve up our simple Pizza Roses. Trust us, there won’t be leftovers!

Beef n' Cheddar

Our Ultimate Beef n' Cheddar is the perfect dinner-worthy sandwich recipe that all ages will devour! Swap out a sourdough roll for the Onion Kaiser Rolls if your kids are like so many others who don’t love bread with “extra” ingredients. You can also substitute a milder cheese for the horseradish cheddar if spicy isn’t going to fly with your tribe. Pair these with some of our recteq favorite sides for a complete meal.

The Crunchwrap

Besides its fun title, the Crunchwrap contains everything kids love: melty cheese, soft tortilla shells, and a surprising “crunch” inside! This simple recipe is also very easy to customize to your family’s taste and spice preferences. Bonus, it’s also a great recipe for serving leftover taco meat for tomorrow’s lunch!

More Kid-friendly Main Courses

Try an easy one-dish meal that’s a throwback to your childhood: Tuna Noodle Casserole. Everyone will love the savory tastes from our signature rubs mixed with hearty tuna and a classic cracker topping! Traditional burgers are always a hit and they will love the recteq twist with our beloved Juicy Lucy Burgers. If your kiddos prefer their foods “not touching” you might decide to go with Smoked Chicken Legs and serve them up with sliced apples and green beans for a pared down sure-fire hit.

Smoked Chicken Legs Tuna Noodle Casserole Juicy Lucy Burgers

Sweet Treats

We’ve saved the sweetest for last! Your recteq wood pellet grill isn’t just for steaks and BBQ; it can also turn out incredible desserts and sweets everyone will rave over. For a breakfast idea the kids will adore, try our Sticky Praline Pecan Cinnamon Rolls. They come out gooey and sweet, just like the ones from your childhood and are so good you’ll want to make this recipe again and again. If your crowd is craving a fruity summer treat, you can’t lose with Smoked Strawberry Pie. Another delicious option is Smores Cake Bars with gooey marshmallows and rich chocolate. Finally, the dessert to top them all: Molten Chocolate Lava Cake. This is going to be a hit for chocolate-lovers of all ages and the recipe is easy enough for the kids to pitch in.

We know it’s hard work to cook for a growing family, but we’re crossing our fingers that these recipe ideas will be a huge hit for your whole crew, from ages 1-101! Let us know what your favorite kid-pleasing meals are by tagging us on social media: