Breakfast on a Wood Pellet Grill

So maybe you’ve mastered brisket and chicken, and you’ve already had plenty of chances to grill burgers and hot dogs. Most likely, you brought home a wood pellet grill for the steaks and pulled pork; and we know your recteq has lived up to all the hype. Still, even if your dinner game is on par, you might be overlooking a delicious grill opportunity that’s right under your nose. Hint: it’s the most important meal of the day and it doesn’t have to be made in a toaster.

Time to wake up and smell the bacon! Everyone needs a good breakfast and just because it’s usually as simple as a bowl of cereal and milk doesn’t mean you can’t take the quality up a notch. Pour a cup of coffee, warm up the syrup, and keep reading for breakfast ideas the whole family will enjoy, all from your backyard recteq wood pellet grill or griddle. After all, whether it’s breakfast time, brunch time, brinner or maybe a midnight smoky snack…these incredible dishes are always a great crowd-pleaser. Whether you want a simple start to the school morning or a holiday brunch to feed the whole extended family, we’ve got recipes on standby for you. It’s time to expand your boundaries by cooking breakfast in the backyard.


breakfast strata

Get the Gear:

First, let’s get you set up with accessories to master breakfast at any time of day. Our first recommendation shouldn't come as a surprise: it's the world's only wood fired griddle and it's going to revolutionize your breakfast experience!  If you aren't ready to take the SmokeStone plunge yet, another option is to grab a griddle to maximize the functionality of your grill. We have a few options depending on your model: the Large Flat Top Griddle, the Round Flat Top Griddle, or the Small Flat Top Griddle. This is no one-trick pony purchase; you’ll be able to use these griddles for far more than just breakfast. A recteq wood pellet grill paired with a griddle is perfect for cooking burgers, quesadillas, and epic grilled cheese sandwiches. Throw in a Griddle Accessory Set and you'll be ready for breakfast success! In addition, you can always find plenty of use for a Dutch Oven and a few of our Mesh Cooking Mats.


Get the Taste:

Here at recteq, we have more than just the best grills in the world. We have a whole lineup of quality lifestyle products to make your life a little easier and a little more delicious. On the season side of things, every single recteq Rub is specially formulated to enhance your cooks and improve the taste of each dish you serve your family: three meals a day, seven days a week. To get the most of your backyard cooks, we suggest saving a little bit of cash with our Rub & Sauce Boxed Bundle. That way, whatever the recipe, you’ll be ready to rock it. As always, a little sweetness goes a long way, and we have three new honey options to help sweeten your grilling journey! 


pecan praline cinnamon rolls


Get Grilling:

Got a sweet tooth? No one can resist these Sticky Praline Pecan Cinnamon Rolls. This simple recipe uses store bought Cinnamon Rolls, so it’s a perfect dish for the kids to help with. We also have Matt Groark's Smoked Sticky Buns if you want to take the recipe up a notch. But a family can’t live on cinnamon rolls alone…

Maybe something a little heartier with some seasonal produce packed in? Try our Zucchini Bread for a classic breakfast bread reimagined on the recteq. For less sweet and more savory, serve scrambled eggs with Jody’s Cheesy Bacon Beer Bread and a generous helping of finger-licking bacon fresh off the grill.

If you’d like a one-dish meal, maybe Breakfast Strata Casserole will make the cut; to dress it up serve with Pecan Stuffed Apples. Embrace a southern twist on traditional pancakes when you serve Smoked Cornbread Cakes with Chipotle Citrus Marmalade. To bring together protein and carbs in a delightful way, you can't go wrong with SmokeStone Bacon Pancakes. Or if fruit-filled is more your thing, Blueberry Pancakes on the SmokeStone will fulfill your sweetest dreams! 

Looking to feed a whole passel of people? No worries! Load the recteq full of homemade biscuits and smother them with Ultimate Loaded Country Gravy. Follow up this epic spread with your choice of Grilled Fruit on your recteq for a delicious finale to the best meal of the day. 

Let us know, what’s your family’s favorite recteq breakfast?