The best pizza ever doesn’t come from a Pizza Oven!

It's time to bring restaurant quality pizza pies to your backyard

It’s an American Staple and it isn’t going anywhere: there’s a reason why backyard pizza ovens are a huge hit right now. We’re here to tell you the truth: the best pizza ever doesn’t come from an oven or a restaurant, it comes from your own backyard recteq wood fired grill.

Get the Gear

If you have yet to try pizza on your RT-B380 Bullseye, RT-B380X Bullseye Deluxe, or your RT-B380X Bullseye Deluxe Black Edition, we’ll walk you through the easiest and best method. With our new Bullseye Pizza Stone Kit, you can get pizza parlor results in a matter of minutes. We promise that once you try grilled pizza, you won’t ever go back to takeout, pickup, or frozen options. It’s just that good! Ready to go for it?


From-Scratch & Simple Pizza

Interested in making your pizza masterpiece from scratch? Don’t be intimidated! Even if you aren’t dough-competent, it’s hard to mess this up. Start with our classic pizza dough recipe. With this foundation for success, you can start building grilled pizza that everyone will love. Tastes always differ, so try personal-size pizzas to give each person the chance to customize their pie. For fantastic topping formulas, check out: BBQ Brisket Burratta Pizza or Baby Clam New Haven Style Pizza.

Last-Minute Dinner

Many stores sell a fresh ready-made ball of pizza dough right in the refrigerated section. This is an easy way to create your own pizza quickly while still enjoying the fresh taste of homemade. Just let the dough sit at room temperature for about 20 minutes before shaping it into crust. Another easy idea? Try naan bread for a simple pre-made crust. We know you will love it topped with pineapple and Canadian bacon! Another delicious variation is Buffalo Chicken Naan Pizza. Want to make a quick and easy kid-friendly version? Go with Biscuit Pizza Snacks.

Straight from the Freezer

Did you know that your recteq does a bang-up job of cooking a frozen pizza without ever turning on your oven? It’s true and it’s crazy easy. Remember, your recteq functions just like an outdoor oven, with the same versatility as the in-kitchen version. So, all you will want to do is preheat your recteq and follow the directions on the package for pizza that tastes so much better than the standard frozen!

Customized Pizzas

If you have dietary preferences or restrictions, pizza is an easy meal to customize! Try a vegan shredded cheese in place of the traditional and add a sprinkle of nutritional yeast to mimic that cheesy goodness you’re craving. For gluten-free diets, cauliflower makes an excellent pizza crust. If you are extra confident, create your own grain-free crust from scratch using almond flour or a gluten-free flour blend. One last idea is to build your “pizza” on a veggie-based foundation of zucchini boats, portobello caps, or eggplant slices.

Crave-Worthy Starters

Here’s a perfect appetizer that puts a twist on pizza, making it into finger food with Pizza Roses. Ready to move into more serious pizza skills? Try Chef Greg’s Deep Dish! It takes a little longer but the results are totally worth the time. 

Head Over to our Pizza Party

We just had an outstanding Funday Friday episode all about Pizza and it’s time to join the fun! With this Funday Friday Episode, find out all our best tips to make your next pizza your best ever. With your ultimate backyard machine, you can ditch delivery and make homemade pizza your new go-to for busy nights! Remember, the recteq can bake like a wood-burning champ, so there’s no reason to turn on that oven in the heat of summer.