Best Wood Pellet Grills Ever

With recteq wood pellet grills, you choose more heat, more precision control, and more stainless steel, for a lifetime of wood-fired flavor on your table. Every recteq is built like a tank, with the #1 rated grilling app, and thousands of five-star reviews, so you just know it’s going to bring you years of incredible cooks.

It’s time to Grab Life by the Horns.


RT-B380 Bullseye Wood Pellet Grill


The RT-B380 Bullseye wood pellet grill is your weekday workhorse. The Bullseye is the hottest pellet grill on the market, literally and figuratively, reaching temperatures up to 749°F!

The Road Warrior 340P


It’s time to take on tailgating, camping, and traveling the recteq-way. Skip the fast food and bring your best grilling game wherever the road may take you with the Road Warrior 340. Built with Portable Collapse & Go Construction, Ultimate...

The Patio Legend 410


All the best of recteq, scaled down into a streamlined, smaller footprint, the Patio Legend 410 brings quality grilling right to your back door. We’ve designed the Patio Legend with an innovative Space-Saving Design, Convenient Wi-Fi Connectivity, Classic recteq Features,...

RT-B380X Bullseye Deluxe


There is nothing hotter than our newest grilling innovation; the RT-B380X Bullseye Deluxe takes our weekday workhorse into a weekday warrior! Finally, all of the latest smart grill features you’ve been waiting for: dual-band WiFi connectivity, PID control, and, of...

Deck Boss 590


Meet the Deck Boss 590, the perfect mid-size option for family meals, with new upgrades and unbeatable wood fired flavor! The Deck Boss will hold temperatures of 180ºF to 700ºF so you’ll have more heat for every recipe you tackle....

SmokeStone 600 Griddle


Introducing the world’s first and only wood fired griddle: the recteq SmokeStone. The only griddle that adds delicious wood fired smoke flavor to every sizzling bite. Plus, the SmokeStone is the only griddle with precise, Wi-Fi Temperature Control, so the...

Backyard Beast 1000


Bring home a grill that will destroy the competition with recteq’s Backyard Beast. The Backyard Beast relies on smart grill technology and precision temperature control for consistent, delicious results. Ideally sized to feed your family and then some, the oval...

RT-1070 Pellet Grill


Take your outdoor kitchen to the next level with the RT-1070 Built-In! The RT-1070 Built-In gives you a luxury look to show off during your next get-together but is priced to make your wallet happy. Designed with ease and durability...

RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill


The RT-700 wood pellet grill is the definition of gold standard in pellet grilling and is ready to help you become the backyard hero of your neighborhood. The RT-700 is our flagship model and will never disappoint.

Flagship 1100


The Flagship 1100 is the latest iteration of the O.G. recteq RT-700, the wood fired grill that started it all. The Flagship boasts new and improved leg design for stability, more heat than competitor pellet grills with a temperature range...

RT-1250 Wood Pellet Grill


The best just got better and hotter! Whether you are wanting to cook low and slow at 180°F or go hot and fast up to 700°F, the RT-1250 wood pellet grill with 1250 sq. inches of space will be able...

DualFire 1200


Introducing the recteq DualFire, the only all wood fired, dual chamber grill. With two cooking chambers, one with direct heat and one with indirect, you have endless recipe options, no shortage of cooking space, and temperature ranges from 180ºF to...

RT-2500 BFG Wood Pellet Grill
RT-2500 BFG Wood Pellet Grill

$2,599.00 $2,899.00

Grill big or go home with the RT-2500 BFG wood pellet grill. The RT-2500 BFG is the king of the mountain in pellet grilling with 2500 square inches of cooking space and is built like a tank.