Best Wood Pellet Grills Ever

With recteq wood pellet grills, you choose more heat, more precision control, and more stainless steel, for a lifetime of wood-fired flavor on your table. Every recteq is built like a tank, with the #1 rated grilling app, and thousands of five-star reviews, so you just know it’s going to bring you years of incredible cooks.

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It’s time to Grab Life by the Horns.

RT-B380 Bullseye Wood Pellet Grill


The RT-B380 Bullseye wood pellet grill is your weekday workhorse. The Bullseye is the hottest pellet grill on the market, literally and figuratively, reaching temperatures up to 749°F!   

The Road Warrior 340P


It’s time to take on tailgating, camping, and traveling the recteq-way. Skip the fast food and bring your best grilling game wherever the road may take you with the Road Warrior 340. Built with Portable Collapse & Go Construction, Ultimate...

The Patio Legend 410


All the best of recteq, scaled down into a streamlined, smaller footprint, the Patio Legend 410 brings quality grilling right to your back door. We’ve designed the Patio Legend with an innovative Space-Saving Design, Convenient Wi-Fi Connectivity, Classic recteq Features,...

RT-B380X Bullseye Deluxe


There is nothing hotter than our newest grilling innovation; the RT-B380X Bullseye Deluxe takes our weekday workhorse into a weekday warrior! Finally, all of the latest smart grill features you’ve been waiting for: dual-band WiFi connectivity, PID control, and, of...

RT-590 Wood Pellet Grill


The RT-590 wood pellet grill is sized for your family and priced for your wallet. If you find the RT-700 is too much grill for you, and the Road Warrior 340P is too small, the RT-590 with 592 square inches...

RT-1070 Pellet Grill


Take your outdoor kitchen to the next level with the RT-1070 Built-In! The RT-1070 Built-In gives you a luxury look to show off during your next get-together but is priced to make your wallet happy. Designed with ease and durability...

RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill


The RT-700 wood pellet grill is the definition of gold standard in pellet grilling and is ready to help you become the backyard hero of your neighborhood. The RT-700 is our flagship model and will never disappoint.

RT-1250 Wood Pellet Grill


The best just got better and hotter! Whether you are wanting to cook low and slow at 180°F or go hot and fast up to 700°F, the RT-1250 wood pellet grill with 1250 sq. inches of space will be able...

RT-2500 BFG Wood Pellet Grill
RT-2500 BFG Wood Pellet Grill

$2,599.00 $2,899.00

Grill big or go home with the RT-2500 BFG wood pellet grill. The RT-2500 BFG is the king of the mountain in pellet grilling with 2500 square inches of cooking space and is built like a tank.