New Year, New Recipes from recteq

Our website is buzzing with some brand-new recipes, hot from the test kitchen and we know you are going to love them. If you are ready to start the New Year with some fresh new tastes, then take a moment to stock up on pellets, refresh your batch of recteq Rubs, and get ready for some new recipes for your winter menu.

While we are talking about delicious dishes, did you know that you can visit our Evans location to joining us for “We Cook Wednesdays”? Meet our staff, watch a live demonstration, and enjoy something delicious hot off the pellet grill. No need to RSVP, just head down to the recteq on Wednesdays at 12 PM! And now, back to some of our favorite new recipes. We know you’re going to love these.

Cinnamon Rolls

Let’s begin this delicious round-up with a sweet start to your day. Our newest Cinnamon Roll recipe is the breakfast you’ve been dreaming of with some subtle smoky flavors and lots of sweet cinnamon goodness. It’s easy as pie to bake, and simply topped with pre-made vanilla frosting. Our chef recommendation is Apple Pellets for a little down-home goodness to boost these treats.


Easy Baked Spaghetti

Ready for a great pellet grilled dinner that everyone will devour with gusto? Our Easy Baked Spaghetti re-visits this family-friendly classic and elevates it with Colden’s Freakin’ Greek Rub, lots of cheese, and a smidge of smoky goodness from your recteq. Try our Cherry Pellets with this recipe to give even more sweetness to those tasty herbs.

Mississippi Pot Roast

A fail-proof Pot Roast recipe is BBQ gold, and we’ve got just the taste you are looking for. With three of our favorite recteq Rubs and tangy Pepperoncini Peppers, you’ll love the tender and savory taste of Mississippi Pot Roast. Just add some potatoes and carrots for a classic dinner combo. For this recipe, we would recommend Mesquite Pellets for some extra bold flavor.


Smoked Rabbit Stew

If you are tired of serving up the same old beef and pork, it’s a great time mix things up with a hearty and delicious Smoked Rabbit Stew. A slew of veggies, Chef Greg’s 4 Letter Rub, Colden’s Freakin’ Greek Rub, and some slow cooking in a Dutch oven straight on the grill grates leaves this rabbit deliciously tender and perfectly seasoned. Our Cherry Pellets will really give this recipe a boost.


Dijon Panko Salmon

Fresh Salmon is always a healthy change of pace and you can’t find anything more delicious than our delicately roasted Dijon Panko Salmon. The buttery panko breading and tasty Dijon and herb flavors come together for a truly satisfying entrée. Any of our pellets will work well, but the Apple Pellets will make the final product extra delicious. 


Honey Garlic Pork Chops

These Honey Garlic Pork Chops are just as tender and flavorful as you’d hope, loaded up with classic flavors from garlic, sweet honey, and a bit of bite from Ron’s Screamin’ Pig Rub. Get ready for a delicious dish, quickly seared, and covered in delectable Honey Garlic Sauce. This one will be a hit, especially if you go with Apple Pellets for a little extra sweetness.


Apple Cherry Crumble

After you’ve tested all of these new recipes, it’s time for a sweet dessert with a foundation of fresh cherries and apples. Our Apple Cherry Crumble will hit the spot with sweet, fresh flavor and a delicious, buttery oat crust, straight from your recteq wood pellet grill. For this masterpiece, think about mixing Cherry and Apple Pellets for a completely customized cook. Whichever pellet you choose, you know the results will be amazing.

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