The Truth about Wood Pellet Grills

Common Pellet Grill Myths Dispelled

For those of you that are new to the wood pellet grill scene, this new way of cooking can be confusing. Although using your recteq is ultimately extremely simple, it might still be a bit of a mindset shift from other grills you have used in the past. There is always misinformation floating around and even seasoned veterans might have made assumptions that aren’t accurate. That’s why you can always trust us to clear things up and if you have any questions, feel free to call us at 706-922-0890.

Myth: If your wood pellet grill isn’t pouring out lots of smoke, it’s not working properly.
Truth: A good clean heat is what you are looking for, which means clear, barely visible, or “blue” smoke. If you are noticing a lot of dirty smoke pouring out of your recteq, you might have an airflow obstruction, such as blocked air vents.

Myth: Every pellet grill owner needs a shop vac for cleaning out the inside of the barrel.
Truth: It’s not necessary to own a shop vac, because a clean-out is really only needed about once or twice a year. A nice layer of ash in the barrel is a good thing because it insulates the grill in the cool months and keeps ash from reaching the cooking surface.

Myth: You can’t bake in a grill.
Truth: With recteq’s PID technology, you can bake pretty much anything your sweet tooth dreams up. Don’t worry, your baked goods will turn out perfect.

Myth: Everything needs to be cooked low and slow.
Truth: Some meats taste better cooked hot and fast, while others will benefit from a low, slow smoke. The great thing about your recteq is that you have complete control and flexibility to individualize every cook for the best possible results. Remember, cook to temp and probe-tender texture to get the best taste.

Myth: Opening the lid will help cool down the grill if temperatures are too high.
Truth: The opposite is actually true! With a drop in temps, your recteq will respond by feeding in more pellets to compensate, which will boost the heat.

Myth: You can’t sear on a Wood Pellet Grill.
Truth: All of our grills reach high temperatures to give a good sear. You can also add on a Sear Kit to get a more dramatic, visible Sear and a temperature boost.

Myth: You should start your grill with the lid open.
Truth: When you start up the grill, the lid should be closed.

Myth: Thermocouple thermometers accurately measure grill temps.
Truth: We include a RTD probe with your recteq and encourage its use because it more accurately captures temperatures consistently.

Myth: You can’t get a smoke ring on a wood pellet grill.
Truth: A smoke ring is simply nitrogen dioxide from the smoke causing a pink tint to the myoglobin of the meat. Smoke rings are easy to produce on a recteq, so this myth is easy to disprove! Follow our recipes and let your grill do all the work and you’ll be rewarded with delicious meals time after time, with the smoke rings to prove it.

Myth: Trapping smoke produces smokier flavors.
Truth: Any efforts to block the circulation and ventilation of your grill with after-market add-ons are putting your cook at risk. You might encounter temperature regulation issues. The best way to achieve a strong smoke flavor is simply to cook low and slow so the meat has plenty of time to absorb it.

Myth: The minimum feed rate affects the speed of the auger.
Truth: The auger speed doesn’t change. To put it simply, the minimum feed rate only exists to protect your fire from dying at low temperatures.

Myth: Old, dusty pellets can be sifted to make them as good as new.
Truth: If your pellets have been sitting around long enough to break down into dust, it’s really time to purchase fresh pellets. That’s why we don’t recommend stocking up with an extreme stockpile of pellets ahead of time.

Myth: Cool-down mode primes the pot for the next cook
Truth: The cool-down mode allows the pellets in the firepot to burn completely down to ensure there are no embers in the auger tube for a safe shutdown. The grill primes for the cook during startup.

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Tag us on social media and we’ll try to help however we can.