It’s time to get excited about the RT-B380X Bullseye Deluxe. If you haven’t experienced the hype yet, be prepared to be impressed. The RT-B380X gets hotter than any of our other grills, boasts updated features for convenience and longevity, and is taller and heftier than its little brother, the beloved RT-B380 Bullseye. The Original Bullseye has long ago earned its spot as the Weekday Workhorse and the new RT-B380X Deluxe is stepping up as our new Weekday Warrior. Bigger, badder, and hotter than ever before, there isn’t anything this grill can’t handle! Ready to see what else it can do? Consider adding on some accessories to really experience the heat.

RT-B380X Cover

First up, if you are concerned about the elements getting to your grill, you’ve got to grab a RT-B380X Cover. Our covers are made of premium, heavy-duty polyester with a custom-snug fit for the best protection possible. These aren’t the disposable covers you’d pick up at the hardware store, these quality, water-resistant covers will truly last and protect your investment for years to come.

Grill Cleaner Kit

Want to keep that RT-B380X looking shiny and new? Our Grill Cleaner Kit is just the thing. It contains our Green Seal Certified non-toxic Cleaner that is perfect for all of your grill’s exterior surfaces with absolutely no harmful chemicals involved. We’ve paired it up with a high-quality spray nozzle attachment and a four pack of Organic Walnut Fiber Cleaning Pads for the best clean you’ve seen! Need a tool to clean the inside of your Bullseye Deluxe? We’ve got a Grate Brush for that job.

RT-B380X Sear Kit

If hotter than ever just isn’t quite hot enough for you, maybe it’s time to really reach the surface-of-the-sun temps with a Sear Kit that will bump up the heat even more! You’ll take advantage of increased temperatures with photo-worthy sear marks, an even heating surface, and the benefit of steaming, flavorful moisture locked right into your cooks. The Sear Kit can also be flipped “rails down” for perfect direct heat, giving you even more options.

Flat Top Round Griddle

For all things breakfast, why not add on our Round Flat Top Griddle? Durable Carbon Steel, raised walls, and integrated pour spout give you convenience and versatility as you cook up whatever you’re craving including bacon, pancakes, cheesesteaks, hash browns and so much more. The options are endless with the recteq griddles.

Small Premium Grill Pad

Want to add some protection for you deck along with nice looking landing pad for your grill? Grab a Small Premium Grill Pad that fits perfectly underneath the RT-B380X to catch any grease or food spills before they damage your deck. The durable, rubberized texture of the mat is simple to clean and looks great with our grill cover, too.

Fuel Up

You know what else will come in handy as you open up that new Bullseye Deluxe? A fresh stash of pellets just to get you started. If you’d like to try some of our new flavors, it’s a great time to stock up and save with our brand new 74 lb. Pellet Variety Bundle. This way you’ll get to experiment with our phenomenal new flavors: Cherry, Mesquite, and Apple plus a bag of our classic Ultimate Pellet Blend.

So Much More!

We’ve got even more awesomeness up our sleeves when it comes to bringing home your new grill. For the best seasoning around, check out the recteq Rubs. Besides the classic tastes we’ve all come to love, we’ve got a new selection of Rubs and Sauces that will make every meal even better. Grab an ICER to keep everything at just the right temp, and stock up on must-have grilling supplies like Nitrile Gloves, our recteq Instant Read Thermometer, and the Mesh Cooking Mat to make cooking messier foods especially easy. Why don’t you take a look at the rest of the accessories just for good measure?