Ultimate Bark Pork Butt

Flavorful, smoky, and a savory, crispy bark make this recipe every pitmaster's dream. With this Ultimate Butterflied Smoked Pork Butt recipe, you'll achieve the perfect bark that will have your guests loading up their plates. This hit might be your best cook yet!




  • Large foil pan
  • Foil


  1. Preheat recteq to 325°F.
  2. On a cutting board with a sharp knife, place the knife just above the blade bone and begin to cut horizontally across the butt to essentially butterfly the meat to create an even cooking surface. This will allow the rub and smoke to create the most bark. 
  3. Rub the butt with the mustard and Rossarooski's Honey Rib Rub all over the meat. 
  4. Place on the recteq and smoke for 2.5 hours until the color looks very dark and delicious. 
  5. In a large foil pan, add the recteq Mild Gourmet BBQ sauce, apple juice, brown sugar, Rossarooski's Honey Rib Rub, and honey. Place the pork butt into the pan and roll the pork in the sauce mixture a few times to coat the butt. Leave the pork in the pan and wrap tightly with foil. Place back on the recteq for 90-120 minutes until the pork is probe tender around 200°F internal temperature. 
  6. Allow the pork to rest for 30-45 minutes and then shred; incorporate any pan juices to the pork for desired texture. 

Serving Suggestions:

Get ready for the perfect backyard BBQ with this beautifully butterflied ultimate smoked pork butt with the best bark ever! Serve up with your favorite rolls, pickles, and coleslaw for a competition-worthy spread.