Why Pellet Grills?




When asked why someone should buy a Pellet Grill, it’s important to remember three things... FLAVOR, CONVENIENCE, AND VERSATILITY. In the past, people had to put in a day’s work battling with a charcoal grill or settle for the flavorless food produced by gas grills. Well, lucky for you, those days are over. Pellet grills maintain a precise temperature for the length of your cook which allows you to achieve juicy, wood-enhanced flavor with ultimate efficiency and convenience.

why are pellet grills better?

Female pouring recteq wood pellet grills' 40lbs. of Ultimate Blend Pellets into the hopper of the RT-1250.


Fill the hopper, set the temperature, and relax while the grill does all the work. Long gone are the days of running out of gas in the middle of cooking a steak. Keeping your recteq fueled up could not be easier.

Man on deck in front of the RT-700 holding a grilled buffalo chicken pizza on a pizza platter.


You can smoke, bake, grill, sear, and even dehydrate on a pellet grill. This means you can slow smoke a brisket, or bake a pizza all at the push of a button.


Pellet grills, especially ones that utilize a PID controller, provide a precise temperature each time. It takes the guesswork out to give you peace of mind, knowing that you can produce consistently great meals each time you fire up your grill.


The blower fan creates a convection current in the grill allowing you to spend less money on your fuel source than with charcoal or gas.

how they work

It really is just that simple, turn the button on and let your grill take care of the rest. But, we have broken down the steps for you. Step 1. The pellets feed in through the hopper. Step 2. The auger controls pellet feed into the fire pot. Step 3. The blower fan stokes the fire. Step 4. The ceramic ignitor rod ignites the pellets.

four steps...it's that simple

Step 1

Pellets feed in through the hopper.

Step 2

Auger controls pellet feed into fire pot.

Step 3

Ceramic ignitor rod ignites the pellets.

Step 4

The blower fan stokes the fire.

How is recteq different?

Now you know how a pellet grill works and why it is better. You now need to find out what the recteq difference is. The four things you will find out is that we have high quality grills, with the toughest components in the game, world-class customer service, and the industry leading warranties.

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