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On a Pellet Grill

On a Pellet Grill

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You can literally cook anything on a recteq wood pellet grill that you would cook by any other means. So, why bother with other appliances? The hardwood pellets used to power a smoker grill offer an unmistakable fire-roasted flavor that you can’t get anywhere else. This, together with the grill’s versatility, temperature control, and ease of use means you get juicy, flavorful results, every time.

Common Dishes a Pellet Grill Can Handle:

Don't Take it From Us

Cooked thighs, leg quarters, baby backs, and did a couple of ny strips. Everything has cooked perfectly. Sure makes cooking very easy.

Tony J. (RT-1250 Owner)

Absolutely love it! We have used it for so many different things, from a ham for Thanksgiving to mac-and-cheese!

Krista P. (RT-340)

My family thinks I'm a BBQ pitmaster now! The RT-590 is amazing and makes smoking meats accessible to busy people.

Blake M. (RT-590 Owner)

Can your grill do that?

Cook Up Delicious Results with recteq

We invite you to cook up a world of wood-fired menu options with your recteq wood pellet grill. Delicious results like these are only the beginning. With a recteq, you can add a wide range of wood-smoked and grilled vegetables, desserts, breads, and more to your everyday menus.

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