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Your ultimate grill companion

Now you can monitor your cook with the swipe of a screen, set temperature alarms for convenience, and create personalized notes. You can consult Master Chef insights, get competitive with friends, or even shop recteq merch for the ultimate fan experience. Save your favorite recipes, apply advanced filters based on diet, and adjust the serving size to make every outcome perfect. Plus, you can turn off your grill remotely, from anywhere. It's everything you ever hoped for in a grill, controlled in the palm of your hand.

Your grill just stepped into the 21st century


Our library of recipes is now tech-friendly. Adjust the serving size to your needs and follow step-by-step instructions from your phone for an incredible final product.

Precise Temperature Control

Adjust your temperature and monitor your grill from anywhere. Just slide your finger to select a temperature and your recteq will do all the work. With this level of temperature control, you dictate when you eat. You’re no longer at the mercy of a grill that forces you to tell people that dinner is going to be late.

Cook Notes

Personalize your grilling experience with customized notes that are easy to update and adjust each time you fire up the recteq.

Temperature Charts

Your cook history becomes truly insightful as the app translates temperature info into visual charts that update in real time.

Smart Grill Technology

PID Assurance

What do bakeries, breweries, pharmaceutical companies, and our grills have in common? They all use a PID algorithm for precision temperature control. This technology ensures repeatable results every time you fire up your grill. You can relax and trust your recteq to deliver a perfectly cooked meal every time.

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