Pellet Grill Basics

What's the secret behind PID technology?

PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) control is the cutting-edge technology that ensures recteq wood fired grills maintain precise temperature control within a mere 5ºF of your desired setting. This level of accuracy allows you to achieve succulent, wood fired flavor for every recipe, every time. The same advanced technology that breweries and bakeries rely on for consistent, top-notch results now brings you exceptional cooking capabilities in your own backyard.

The PID Secret

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What makes recteq the ultimate cooking choice?

recteq wood pellet grills offer higher temperatures and an exceptionally consistent cooking performance, thanks to superior PID technology. Built to last with robust stainless steel construction, recteq outperforms the competition in durability. With a top-rated grilling app and countless five-star reviews, you can trust that a recteq will elevate your cooking experience for years to come. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that our dedicated US-based customer service team is ready to address any concerns and provide exceptional support every time. Nothing compares to cooking on a recteq wood fired grill.

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