Buy a Grill, Get a Free Gift Card!

If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on a recteq wood fired grill, this is your chance to go all in! With our “Buy a Grill, Get a Gift Card” Promo, you’ll be rewarded with a FREE $100+ Gift Card with your grill or Bundle purchase. Whether you spend that gift card on pellets, rubs, or pocket it away for your next grill purchase, you don’t want to miss this limited-time offer!


Road Warrior 340P, Patio Legend 410, RT- 590: FREE $100 Gift Card with purchase 

RT-700, RT-B380X Bullseye Deluxe, RT-1070: FREE $150 Gift Card with purchase 

RT-1250: FREE $200 Gift Card with purchase 

RT- 2500 BFG: FREE $250 Gift Card with purchase