BBQ Wood Pellet Options Explained

Get the best bang for your smoke-buck & all your BBQ wood pellet questions answered

With fuel prices rising, isn’t it great to know you can still power your cooks at bargain prices? At recteq, we’re here for you with affordable, quality wood pellets that will heat your recteq wood pellet grill on and on, hopper after hopper.

Today, we’re here to demystify the BBQ wood pellet market and give you the low-down on how to choose a good pellet, how to store them to keep your stash fresh, and how to get the best possible results when cooking with wood pellets. We’ll also help you figure out how many pellets you are likely to use regularly based on your #recteqlifestyle!

What is recteq’s wood pellet blend made from?

To create the perfect pellet blend, we combine all-natural Red Oak, White Oak, and Hickory hardwood for a burst of smoky flavor each time you fire up the grill. Our pellets are made in the USA with carefully packed sawdust, held together with moisture, and uniformly sized for easy, even burning.

What does recteq leave out of their pellet blend?

Unlike other brands, we don’t add extra oils or flavorings to our pellets. Although these added scents might give you a more dramatic smoke aroma, they don’t tend to affect the final product and we prefer a solid, trust-worthy foundation for amazing smoke flavor. We believe you are better off getting the flavor from the wood rather than added synthetics or oils.

Why only one pellet blend?

If you’ve been paying attention, you realize that recteq only sells one pellet blend, whereas many companies have lots of different pellet products available. Why only one pellet option? Just like all of our products, we want to balance exceptional quality that brings extraordinary results at an affordable price. Our pellets tick all the boxes to give you an economical fuel source that will power your grill consistently and reliably, so for that reason one blend is truly all you need. We trust it, and you can too!

What to look for?

When checking out any bag of BBQ wood pellets, you want to look for uniformly sized pellets. If you have dramatic variation in size, the auger will struggle to feed the firepot consistently and the temperatures may not stay as steady as you’d like. So, if you notice extra-long pellets in the mix, it’s a good idea to break those up to keep your auger happily feeding along without incident.

What to avoid?

When looking for pellet fuel, you want to avoid pellets that have been sitting around too long. Because the pellets are formed with moisture, you don’t want extra humidity to get into them and cause them to break down. Additionally, if a bag of pellets has been tossed around, the pellets will fall apart too easily, and you’ll be left with a lot of extra dust which is going to make for a dirty, messy smoke. You’ll want to avoid bags with excess dust at the bottom.

How to store your pellets

Excessive moisture is the enemy of BBQ wood pellets. Too much moisture will start to break down the pellets and cause disintegration which will lead to a messy, ashy burn and prevent that consistent, even heat you need. For that reason, it’s important to store your pellets in an airtight storage container, out of the humidity as much as possible. Protecting your recteq with a grill cover will help keep remaining pellets in your hopper from getting too moist, but always make sure they aren't too wet. Wet pellets means they can expand and act like potential concrete that will cause issues with your auger.

How many pellets should I buy?

You can expect to burn through about one pound of pellets per hour when cooking low and slow, but you might burn through more when you’re really cranking up the heat. For new owners, we recommend starting with about 200 pounds of pellets to make sure you aren’t running low anytime soon. Over time, humidity can affect the performance so you might want to keep that in mind if stocking up!

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