recteq Account and Checkout

Congratulations on joining the recteq family! Your profile overview will display your customer profile details, current shipping address, and on file preferred payment method.

The address book stores addresses for billing and shipping which you can use during checkout. Keep in mind that editing this during checkout will change the stored address as well. To ship to a new address, add it to the address book and remove the default shipping status if applied to another address.

To increase ease of checkout can store and encrypt a credit cards information instead of you having to type in card details yourself. Rest assured the encryption makes it safe and secure to store your information this way. You may add and delete cards from your customer account here also.

If you are having trouble establishing a new shipping address during checkout simply navigate to your profile's address book, add the desired address, and remove the default shipping status from the address it is applied to by editing the address and un-checking the checkbox. This will allow you to use the new address during checkout.

Displays any orders you have made under this customer account.