Our latest Wi-Fi controller represents a huge leap into the future with it’s Wi-Fi capability allowing you to operate your grill anywhere in the world from your smartphone! The next step on the road to leading the ultimate recteq Lifestyle is to download the recteq App. Follow the link below to download the app and begin the account setup process.

*Ensure you have the latest version of the recteq app downloaded to your phone.(App Store/Google Play) Note:If you are unsure, delete the app from your phone and download it again.

*Create a personal account for the recteq grills app. Note:This will be a separate, stand-alone account for the recteq app; your web account won't have access or any bearing on the app account. Some email servers have a security protocol that is not recognized by the recteq app, and in these cases, we recommend creating a new email (Gmail) account.

Once you have the newest version of the recteq app downloaded, navigate to the more menu (pictured above) in the bottom right corner of your menu bar. If this is your first time connecting a grill we are going to create a new account. If you already have an account, go ahead and sign in.

Now for the connection process!

1. If you have a dual band router, ensure you have separate network names, or SSIDs, for the 2.4 and 5.0 bands (aka 2.4 and 5.0Ghz signal, frequency, network). In order to reconnect the split networks later, we want to rename the 5.0 signal and not the 2.4 signal. This allows reconsolidation without losing the grill from the Wi-Fi network. Depending on your internet provider, you can also temporarily disable the 5Ghz network, connect the grill, and then re-enable the 5Ghz band.

Note: Single band routers only operate on 2.4 and do not require this step to connect the grill.

Note: If you are not sure if you have a dual band router, call your internet service provider and ask if you have a router carrying both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz. If you do and they aren't separated yet, your ISP can separate them remotely.

2. Have your current/correct Wi-Fi password on hand. If you’re not absolutely 100% sure you have the correct password, you can navigate to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and ‘Forget’ your home network. This will drop your home Wi-Fi connection and require you to enter your password to re-connect. Once you successfully re-connect, you can be certain you’re using the correct password.

3. Double check to ensure that all the information is accurate. The app will not tell you that you misspelled your Wi-Fi password; only that you failed to connect.

4. Before the initial connection, make sure the grill is within ~30 feet of the router or closest access point.

(Side Note) For customers retrofitting the Wi-Fi controller to the RT-680, make sure the ‘Wii-Link’ antenna is hanging freely outside of the steel shelf. There should be vented slots on the side of the side shelf you can feed the antenna through.

Step 5. Now it's time to connect the grill! (Tap control at the bottom center of the screen, and then press connect. If you’re using an Android device, you should see a (+) at the top right of your screen to add a device)

This will prompt you to hold down the button until it blinks quickly.

Step 6. Now that your grill is primed to connect, you will be prompted to connect it to a Wi-Fi network. In this example, I'm connecting to the "RecTec Grills" Wi-Fi network which is the name of our 2.4 network in the warehouse and have accurately entered the Wi-Fi password. The light will continue to blink.

Step 7. The moment of truth. This screen is knocking on the front door of the grill with the WiFi network ready to shake hands and make the connection. If we're on 2.4, are close enough to the router, have accurately entered our wifi password and achieved a quick blink from the LED then this screen...⬇︎

will eventually look like this screen...⬇︎

Success! Once we have picked which model grill we are using and name it we can utilize the remote features of the grill!