The best pitmasters know how to control temperature with air and wood and then monitor their fires to maintain a consistent cook. Now, with a recteq, instead of having to mess around with sticks of wood, lumps of charcoal, vents to open and close, distance of fire from food, and countless other annoyances, you can simply set a temperature and you're ready to cook! It's similar to how you control the oven in your kitchen, only instead of tasteless hot air or gas flames, you're cooking with flavorful wood smoke like a true pitmaster.


The recteq uses wood pellets instead of firewood, meaning that the amount of wood that goes into the fire can be controlled. The Smart Grill processor controls the cycle rate of an auger that controls just how much wood is delivered to the fire pot. Because of this, you can pick a precise temperature, 225ºF for example, and that temperature can be maintained by speeding up or slowing down the rate at which fuel is going into the fire. Instead of cooking something over “medium coals” with all the work that entails, you can now cook with precision, confidence, and consistency.


As soon as you turn on your recteq wood pellet grill, the Smart Grill processor goes to work by energizing the igniter rod located in the grill's fire pot and adds just enough fuel to your fire pot to start the fire without smothering the flames. After a few minutes, you can see and smell the smoke coming from your grill.

Then, the thick smoke from the lighting sequence clears and thin, clean smoke starts to roll. At this time, your Smart Grill processor starts adding more pellet fuel and your temperature starts to climb towards your selected temperature. As the grill temperature closes in on the temperature you chose as your set point, the Smart Grill processor analyzes the grill's temperature data and calculates the proper pellet feed rate needed to reach that temperature and hold steady while you cook.

When asked why someone should buy a Pellet Grill, it’s important to remember three things... FLAVOR, CONVENIENCE, AND VERSATILITY. In the past people had to put in a day’s work battling with a charcoal grill or settle for the flavorless food produced by gas grills. Well, lucky for you, those days are over. Pellet grills maintain a precise temperature for the length of your cook which allows you to achieve juicy, wood-enhanced flavor with ultimate efficiency and convenience.


  • Once you fill the hopper with pellets, set your temperature and then relax as the grill does all the work.


  • The blower fan creates a convection current in the grill allowing you to spend less money on your fuel source than with charcoal or gas.


  • You can smoke, roast, bake, or sear on a pellet grill. This means you can slow smoke a brisket, bake a pineapple upside down cake, or sear a juicy ribeye at the touch of a button.


  • Pellet grills, especially ones that utilize a PID controller, provide a precise temperature every time. It truly takes the guess work out and gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can produce consistently great meals each time you fire up your grill.

With the push of a button, your recteq activates its auger and adds a few hardwood pellets to its stainless-steel fire pot. At the same time, the recteq's igniter begins to heat up and lights those wood pellets. Within a few minutes, the smell of smoke wafts from the smokestack, the pellets light, your recteq roars to life, and the temperature starts to climb toward the temperature you selected. After the fire is lit, the Smart Grill Technology processor turns off the igniter and continues adding pellets, making the temperature climb. As your recteq closes in on your set point, it slows the climb to prevent overshooting your selected temperature. Our PID Algorithm uses temperature and fuel rate data to determine the amount of fuel needed to achieve or maintain the selected temperature. This is the same process used by commercial bakeries and breweries to maintain consistent temperatures and create repeatable results.

When you open your recteq, the Smart Grill Technology processor senses the drop in temperature and begins adding more fuel to bring the temperature back to where you set it. Once you close the lid, the temperature will climb, and your grill will recalculate the amount of fuel required to maintain the selected temperature. Recteq wood pellet grills not only compensate for changes in the weather, but also for changes in the temperature of the food inside the grill. This means your recteq will maintain the selected temperature throughout the entire cooking process even if the sun goes down or the outside temperature drops dramatically!


Many pellet grills use antiquated timing processes to control temperature, causing inconsistent results in differing weather conditions which requires the griller to adjust in order to compensate for those weather conditions. If you are looking for consistent results, you should not settle for a pellet grill that does not use a PID algorithm to control its temperature.


Recteq’s lifestyle series of wood pellet grills feature groundbreaking WiFi connectivity, which means you can control your grill from virtually anywhere on the planet. The lifestyle series includes our RT-340, RT-590, RT-700, RT-1250 & RT-2500 models. When connected to WiFi, you can turn your grill off and on, or adjust the temperature on the fly. It’s that simple. Need to get your grill started from the golf course?

Download the recteq app to your phone or smart device, and monitor and chart your cook from afar! Wherever life may take you, recteq has you covered.