The future is now

the future of bbq has arrived

With the push of a button, your REC TEC activates its auger and adds a few hardwood pellets to its stainless steel fire pot. At the same time, the REC TEC's igniter begins to heat up and lights those wood pellets. Within a few minutes, the smell of smoke wafts from the smoke stack, the pellets light, your REC TEC roars to life, and the temperature starts to climb toward the temperature you selected. After the fire is lit, the Smart Grill Technology™ processor turns off the igniter and continues adding pellets, making the temperature climb. As your REC TEC closes in on your set point, it slows the climb to prevent overshooting your selected temperature. Your REC TEC will use its proprietary PID Algorithm to reach the temperature you select and will precisely maintain that temperature.

How we do it

When you open your REC TEC Grill, the Smart Grill Technology™ processor senses the drop-in temperature and begins adding more fuel to bring the temperature back to what you set. Once you close the lid, the temperature will climb, and your grill will recalculate the amount of fuel required to maintain the selected temperature. REC TEC grills not only compensate for changes in the weather, but also for changes in the temperature of the food inside the grill. This means your REC TEC will maintain the selected temperature throughout the entire cooking process… Even if the sun goes down or the outside temperature drops dramatically!

Why it Matters

Many pellet grills use antiquated timing processes to control temperature, causing inconsistent results in differing weather conditions which requires the griller to adjust in order to compensate for those weather conditions. If you are looking for consistent results, you should not settle for a pellet grill that does not use a PID algorithm to control its temperature.