RT-TMG Chuckwagon

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It is recommend that you keep both of the drip pans free of excessive grease, this can be done using aluminum foil to line the pans and changed frequently or scrap the pans with a scrapers when they are cool. The ash from the fire pots should be cleaned about every 20 hours. Leaving ash in the barrel is a good things and will help absorb any grease that get in the bottom of the barrel. Cleaning the barrel of excess ash every 400 hours of cooking is more than satisfactory. When transporting the grills long distances it is recommend to do so with empty or near empty hoppers.

The Smart Grill controller with PID technology will provide precise temperature control as long as it is allowed to do so.

Opening the lid frequently will cause the temperature to drop. Remember: if you are looking, you are not cooking.

Excessive ash buildup in the firepot can restrict air flow causing temperature issues.

When lining your drip pan with foil, avoid wrapping foil over the front and back (the long sides). Instead fold the foil over on top of itself. This will prevent the foil from obstructing the convection air current.

The second fire pot ignitor are controlled by the red toggle switch on the controller side shelf, ensure the firepot has lit by visually checking using the side access door on the right side of the barrel. Make sure you turn there ignitor off once you confirm ignition. It is a best practice to visually check the firepots during the cook.

There are a few variables that affect pellet consumption but you can expect to burn about 1 pound of pellets per hour at lower temperatures per firepot (there are 2) and around 3 pounds of pellets at max temperatures per firepot.

It is recommended to plug your grill into a GFCI protected outlet.

You can use any extension cord rated for outdoor use.

You can also power your grill with a generator. You will want a minimum of a 600 watt generator and one that is rated for use with electronics.

Due to the size and value of the Chuckwagon, we are not able to offer any delivery options. This grill must be picked up from our showroom in AUgusta GA. Before leaving with the Chuckwagon, we will inspect it with you. If you would like to arrange the transfer of this item yourself, we will assist as we can.

The warranty on the Chuckwagon is 6 years.

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