RT-B380 Bullseye

-55 Lbs

recteqs require very little maintenance. However, as with anything, a little care will provide the best results.

Every 4-5 cooks: Clean out excess ash in firepot

Once or twice per year: Clean out your hopper to remove excess pellet dust. This is easiest if you allow the grill to run completely out of pellets ahead of time. Anytime that you perform this task, it is recommended to check the vents on the lid. As grease builds up over time, it can restrict the airflow of the grill and make it difficult for it to acheive the higher temperatures.

As needed: Clean out ash from the inside/bottom of the grill and

Exterior cleaning is not required but a mild detergent will work for regular cleaning.

Be sure to check for any debris or obstructions in the vents on the back of the lid.

PID Controller
Maintains temperatures to the precise degree, in 25º increments from 225ºF-500ºF

Pellet consumption is rated at 1+/- pound per hour. This is calculated with a set temperature of 350℉ and out outside ambient temperature of 70℉.

It is recommended to plug your grill into a GFCI protected outlet.

You can use any extension cord rated for outdoor use.

You can also power your grill with a generator. You will want a minimum of a 600 watt generator and one that is rated for use with electronics.

The warranty for the RT-B380 Bullseye is 2 years.

For completed warranty information go HERE.

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If you have been through the list and still need an answer drop us a line at support@recteq or give us a call at (706) 922-0890.
**The RT-380 Bullseye will be back in stock early 2020.**