RT-A850 WyldSide

The WyldSide weighs 240 pounds.

The Wyldside features an integrated varispeed fan that assists in temperature control. The higher the fan speed the more fresh air will stoke the coals, the lower the fan speed the coals will burn more rustic creating the right balance of heat and flavor. Be aware that running the fan at a higher speed will burn thru wood/coals faster than you might be used to.
You are in control of how close your food is from the coals. If your fire is too hot, simply raise the carousel higher above the coals, or lower the carousel directly over the fire for that perfect direct fire sear.

Fuel types: wood | charcoal

The larger the chunk of wood/charcoal the longer it will burn, the smaller the chunk of wood/charcoal the faster it will become its optimum temperature. Starting a fire with smaller wood/coals and adding larger pieces to sustain your temperature is recommended. You can add fresh wood/coals throughout the cook, simply raise the carousel and add the new wood over the existing hot coals, it is recommended tho increase the fan speed when adding fuel to ignite the new fuel more efficiently. It is NOT recommended to use lighter fluid in the WyldSide.

It is recommended to plug your grill into a GFCI protected outlet.

You can use any extension cord rated for outdoor use.

You can also power your grill with a generator. You will want a minimum of a 600 watt generator and one that is rated for use with electronics.

The warranty for the RT-A850 WyldSide is 6 years!

For completed warranty information go HERE.

Looking for WyldSide specific recipes? Well look no further!

WyldSide Recipes

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