The RT-340 weighs 90 pounds before adding pellets.

recteqs require very little maintenance. However, as with anything, a little care will provide the best results.

Every cook: Replace the foil on your drip pan.

Every 4-5 cooks: Clean out excess ash in firepot

Once or twice per year: Clean out your hopper to remove excess pellet dust & ash from the bottom of the barrel.

Exterior cleaning is not required but a mild detergent will work for regular cleaning. For stubborn grease and smoke stains you can use Barkeepers Friend® or glass cooktop range cleaner.

Note: The exterior of your grill will change color over time similar to the patina of a copper pot.

The Smart Grill controller with PID technology will provide precise temperature control as long as it is allowed to do so.

Opening the lid frequently will cause the temperature to drop. Remember: if you are looking, you are not cooking.

Excessive ash buildup in the firepot can restrict air flow causing temperature issues.

When lining your drip pan with foil, avoid wrapping foil over the front and back (the long sides). Instead fold the foil over on top of itself. This will prevent the foil from obstructing the convection air current.

Pellet consumption is rated at 1+/- pound per hour. This is calculated with a set temperature of 350℉ and out outside ambient temperature of 70℉.

It is recommended to plug your grill into a GFCI protected outlet.

You can use any extension cord rated for outdoor use.

You can also power your grill with a generator. You will want a minimum of a 600 watt generator and one that is rated for use with electronics.

The warranty for the RT-340 is 2 years!

For completed warranty information go HERE.

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