Always made in the USA, without any fillers, binders, or preservatives, our 100% all-natural hardwood blends give you more options for flavor, color, and smoke than ever before. Now you can mix Mesquite, Apple, Cherry, and our Ultimate Blend Pellets to get a customized smoke for each and every cook. 

Pellet Pick 'Em 2-Pack

Ready to create your own customized pellet blend for the best cooks of your life? Try our Pellet 2-Pack that includes two 20-pound or 18-pound bags of pellets. In total, you’ll be racking up 36 to 40 pounds of pellets to mix up your own signature blend or to test each flavor individually. Save, stock up, and experiment with our new Pellet 2-Pack.

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  • Hickory - 100% all-natural hardwood blend for a robust, bold, and smoky taste to enhance your cooks.
  • Texas Blend - Our new Limited Edition Texas Blend Pellets are a pecan and mesquite all-natural hardwood blend with a robust, rich taste to enhance all of your recteq cooks.