The recteq Family

You simply will not find a company that offers better customer service than recteq. Would you believe that each customer receives both co-founders’ cell phone numbers with their purchase? Well it’s true, and it’s our duty to make you feel as if you’ve truly become part of the recteq family.

Ray Carnes

Ray Carnes along with Ron, has helped build recteq into one of the fastest growing grill companies. Born in Michigan, Ray was raised an "Army brat". Ray had a brief stint at Augusta Technical College, but made the move to become a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman. He claims that he was "number one in the country," and that he has the posters to prove it somewhere in the attic. This is where he met who would become his future business partner, Ron. Providing customers with high quality grills at competitive prices, and bringing back old school customer service, this idea blossomed into what we know as recteq.


Ron Cundy

There's no way that one man could make recteq into a reality. Ron Cundy, along with Ray, has created a force to be reckoned in the grilling industry. Originally from upstate New York, upon graduating high school, Ron joined the Army and was shipped to Augusta. After a few years in the military, he found himself selling vacuum cleaners, where he met Ray in 1991. There they began a friendship that has now lasted over four decades. In 2009, he and Ray poured their passion for grilling into the ultimate product, and recteq was born. Ron can be found taking care of the business side of things and keeping the ship on course.