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I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to welcome you as a Member of Ray’s Club. This exclusive loyalty experience has been carefully created so that you can challenge yourself to higher griller goals and enjoy your recteq more than ever before. Together, we will be exploring in-depth Master Classes so that you have chef-approved tricks and tips at your fingertips, making your cooking experience better and the results absolutely phenomenal! Additionally, you’ll build a collection of curated grilling essentials and exclusive consumables that I can’t wait for you to try. As a bonus, we just had to throw in a little fan swag for you to enjoy, too. Can you tell I’m excited? Thanks for joining me for Ray’s Club; I just know you are going to love it.

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Best Practices When Purchasing Seafood
In this first video, you will get all the best tips on what to look for when you are going out and purchasing seafood.
Descale and Gutting A Fish
In this video, Jody is going to teach you how to descale and gut a fish.
Fish Cleaning and Tuna Loin Breakdown
In this video, Chef John shows you how to clean and breakdown a Tuna Loin.
Seared Asian Tuna Steak
Now that you have prepped your Tuna, Chef John is now going to show you to prep and create this delicious Seared Asian Tuna Steak recipe.
Shrimp Prep
In this video, Jody takes you through how to properly clean your shrimp.
Whole Salmon Breakdown
In this video, Chef Greg is going to show you how to breakdown a big 14 lb Salmon.
Salmon Salt Block Cure & Cook
In this video, Chef Greg is going to show you how to cure your fish and how to utilize your Himalayan Salt Block.
White Fish In Parchment Paper- Pt 1
In the next two videos, Jody is going to show you how delicious cooking a Snapper in Parchment Paper is!
White Fish In Parchment Paper- Pt 2
Fried Catfish- Pt 1
We couldn't forget a freshwater favorite! Chef John in these next two videos will WOW you with this catfish prep and recipe!
Fried Catfish- Pt 2
Blue Crab Crusted Cobia
In this video, Chef Greg is going to show you why you SHOULDN'T pass up on trying Cobia.