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I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to welcome you as a Member of Ray’s Club. This exclusive loyalty experience has been carefully created so that you can challenge yourself to higher griller goals and enjoy your recteq more than ever before. Together, we will be exploring in-depth Master Classes so that you have chef-approved tricks and tips at your fingertips, making your cooking experience better and the results absolutely phenomenal! Additionally, you’ll build a collection of curated grilling essentials and exclusive consumables that I can’t wait for you to try. As a bonus, we just had to throw in a little fan swag for you to enjoy, too. Can you tell I’m excited? Thanks for joining me for Ray’s Club; I just know you are going to love it.

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Customize our new 2 Piece Tool Set

Big news for our early-bird shoppers! As a Ray’s Club Member, you can be the first in line to enjoy our new laser-etched customization experience. Get our brand new 2 Piece Custom Tool Set with your choice of name, tagline, or quote etched onto the bamboo storage case (up to 28 characters). With sleek bamboo bullhorn handles, the oversized stainless steel fork and spatula are designed with the serious griller in mind. It’s the ultimate gift for any important milestone or your chance to treat yourself to a set you’ll use again and again!

2-Piece Grilling Tool Kit

$89.99 plus $5 customization fee

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Competition Pork Part 1
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Peach Pork Belly Burnt Ends
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The McRay
In this video, Ray shows off his signature pork dish, the McRay!
Coconut Curry Pulled Pork Part 1
In the next two videos, Jody is going to show you a unique spin on pulled pork with this Coconut Curry Pulled Pork.
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