O Canada!

recteqs are now available to ship to you!

You can now bring the heat to the Great White North with the recteq.


We ship our grills within the Continental United States at no charge. Therefore, an inexpensive option is to contact a receiving company at the border and use that shipping address when placing an order. We would ship the grill to the receiving company at no charge. Then, the customer would be responsible for picking up the grill. If this is the option you will go with, simply place your order online or give us a buzz.

If picking your recteq up at the border is not an option, we can ship directly to your business or residence. Follow the steps below if you wish to have the items shipped directly to you.

    1. Take a look at the site to find the grill and accessories that best suit you.
    2. Give us a call at (706) 922-0890 to place your order.
    3. Get ready to grill!

    *All prices on recteq.com are displayed in US Dollars. The customer is responsible for all duties, fees, and taxes involved with crossing the border.