Brisket Burnt Ends


  • 15lb. packer brisket
  • 3 tbsp Ben's Heffer Dust
  • 3 tbsp Casanova's Competition Rub
  • Thick BBQ sauce
  • Separate the point to allow seasoning of all sides.
  • Season liberally with a base layer of Casanova's Competition Rub, then top with Ben's Heffer Dust.
  • Wrap and let stand overnight.
  • Place on recteq at 275℉.
  • Pull at 203℉.
  • Cut into 1" cubes.
  • Place in aluminum pan.
  • Fold in your favorite molasses-based BBQ sauce.
  • Apply rubs once more.
  • Place back on smoker.
  • Continue smoking for approximately 45 minutes or until extremely tender.