Small Interior Shelf

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Increase your internal cooking area with the stainless steel Small Interior Shelf! Simply place the shelf on top of your cooking grates with no attachments or extra hardware required.



  • 18"L x 9.5"W
  • 2.75" height clearance
  • Increases internal cooking area by 171 sq. in.
  • Brushed stainless steel finish
  • Metal grate allows airflow while maintaining a sturdy and rigid surface
  • Foldable legs for flat storage, no assembly required
  • Fits models: RT-700, RT-680, RT-590, RT-340, RT-300 Mini, RT-2500 BFG, RT-B380 Bullseye, RT-TMG Chuckwagon, RT-CMG Beast

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81 reviews

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10/11/2016 3:00:00 pm

Must have for the mini. It can be used in any grill.

Ron E. -

Excellent addition to the mini for adding additional cooking space.

11/3/2016 3:00:00 pm

Nice added space

Mike E -

Well built and easily collapses for storage. Would prefer a second shelf on grill but a good option for the mini.Cleans up easily and was able to get almost 2 lbs of jerky on grill at one time but had to work around bottom of legs. Overall, very pleased with construction and size. Would recommend to mini owners.

10/6/2016 3:00:00 pm

Nice heavy duty rack

0 -

Nice to have extra for smoking more racks of ribs

12/1/2016 3:00:00 pm

Nicely Built And Designed

Steve Dunster -

I made my own second shelf before buying this one. I like the looks and stainless steel construction. My home built looks junky now. Just tall enough to allow a second layer of ribs or chicken wings when one batch isn't enough.

9/12/2020 8:02 am

One is great, two or three is better.

Smokezilla -

I opted for the small shelf. One allows for maximum flexibility when changing the configuration of the smoker on the fly. Interestingly, it is especially helpful if you want to cook tall items (e.g., beer can chicken) and simultaneously cook slabs of ribs. You can even turn it upside down and use the legs as handles for lifting smaller, light weight items. Using multiple small shelves lets your cookings’ creative juices really flow (pun intended). Keep up the good work ReqTeq family. Products like this make us amateur pitmasters look better than we deserve. It also takes the new “q” for quality concept and puts it right up front where it belongs!

11/20/2017 3:00:00 pm

outstanding grill

Bill Ihnow -

I replaced a Green Mountain Daniel Boone with the RecTec. Other than being smaller, in mu opinion it is far superior and better made than the Green Mountan. I probably should have gone for the larger model but the 300 will still do the job. Everything about this grill is better.

5/4/2019 3:00:00 pm

Perfect addition to my RT-680

Travis Long -

I got this so I could have a little extra room in my 680. I was concerned it wouldn't be big enough to be useful, but I wanted to be able to stack ribs and still have a butt on the side, so the full size shelf wasn't appealing to me.

This shelf rocks. Not only is it built like a tank, but it's the perfect size. I can put racks of salt along side a pork butt, or ribs below and on the rack with a brisket or butt on the side. This shelf even fits "portrait" inside the grill front to back and the lid still closes. SUPER flexible. And it's not too tall. I was able to put ribs below and a whole chicken on top of the rack inside the smoker with a little room to spare.

Even though this is meant for the smaller rectec, I think this is the perfect shelf for the bigger 680.

1/3/2018 3:00:00 pm

Perfect Expansion of Cooking Area

Nick -

I bought this knowing I had a medium sized party for which I wanted to smoke ribs. With my Mini, smoking mire than two racks of ribs is difficult. I bought this to help and it worked great. I was able to smoke 3 full racks of spare ribs (Costco pack). It was a challenging juggling the ribs and the rack using the 3-2-1 method, but that was to be expected. The rack is very sturdy and I feel like it should last as long as my Mini.

4/17/2019 3:00:00 pm

Perfect size shelf when needed

John Wyckoff -

Well built

6/24/2017 3:00:00 pm

Quality shelf

Dennis BettendorfDEJE -

I wish l would have bought this sooner. Extremely well built, doubles the capacity of my mini.

Thank You REC-TEC

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