Koozie, White & Red

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Koozie White & Red

Imagine this. You’re at the local beer store and you see the new run of triple brewed extra bitter wood smoked quad IPA. Your friend Derrick wouldn’t stop talking about the last version of this hard to find, limited run brew. In fact, he told the story to everyone in the office so many times you ended up hearing how it had “notes of lavender” 32 times before you finally decided that the next time you see that beer, you are going to buy every ounce of it so Derrick can’t talk about subtle hints persimmon to anyone else. So here you are sitting in the beer isle, buckling up for the inevitable conversation when you get home.  You can already hear your wife saying, you spent 65 dollars on beer? You will of course answer, yes, it has notes of lavender and hints of persimmon and it’s a limited run. Worth it, you say to yourself and you pack the green, stubby, two story shopping cart full of beer you’ve never tried. 

When you get home you pack your fridge and crank it to the lowest setting because, well, you don’t like warm beer. Speaking of warm beer, you’re still here? It’s a koozie, and it’s only $2.98, but I like your commitment. Anyways, you get home from work the next day; the entire drive home all you could think about was smashing a whole 6 pack while you smoke ribs. Then you’ll tell Derrick how good the ribs were. Barbing him for buying a cheap grill from the hardware store and how  much you loved the new batch of his favorite beer. Derrick will mention that he can’t find it anywhere and in your head you’ll laugh. But while this Monday morning fantasy is taking shape in your head. Your first beer is sitting in the sun, warming up. So as you take the first sip, the cool icy beer you were expecting hits your lips, crashes lukewarm. All you can think is, I actually do taste lavender…. and I should have used a koozie. So seriously pop that baby in the cart!



  • Foam thermal insulation
  • Non-slip grip
  • Collapsible design
  • White koozie w/ red screen printed design

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9/10/2021 12:18 pm

Great quality


Shoot yeah! Enough said!

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